Cool, original and epic TV series intros coming soon:

Ranging from 20sec to 2min, movie intros and opening credits are usually our first contact with the movie/series. However, nowadays with the huge movie supply and ease of access of the materials online it is casual to “skip the introduction” and go straight to the action, especially in the case of TV Series where we see multiple episodes per day.

In this section of the website, we encourage people to take a moment, relax and enjoy the artwork and effort spent in the production of the opening credits.

(Recommendation: Watch in Full Screen at the highest quality available)

(Request: Post is the comments your favorite intros ;))

(Note: I will try to always to only embed the opening credits with the best overall quality I can find. Credit goes to the makers)


TV Series


Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events (Adventure, Drama, Family, 2017-)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

A list of all MCU featured tv-shows can be found here:

Iron Fist (Action, Adventure, Crime, 2017-)


The Punisher (Action, Adventure, Crime, 2017-)

Daredevil (Action, Crime, Drama, 2015-)

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