Baki (2018)

Again, another awesome anime released on Netflix,
Watch the trailer for the synopsis.

Baki steals the show and keeps the viewer engaged by relying on its characters powerful background and unique visual.

The whole visual of this anime steers away from the traditional and brings a rough and tough experience which leaves an impactful memory of every character. (A+ Artwork)

dorian baki

If I may, it’s almost like a mix of Mortal Combat and Hunter.x.Hunter, with incredible battles, remarkable characters and unexpected outcomes.

baki vilains

Expect a lot of violence, blood and no respect for human life. “The real definition of on the wrong place at the wrong time”. They say a movie is only as good as it’s villains and in this case, there a 5 badass villains, each with his own personal agenda.

baki violence

This anime is a bit more violent and to the point than the rest, but if you with it, it promises a lot of good moments and jaw-dropping scenes.

Only one thing missing: an incredibly powerful female villain, or hero. With the type of character descriptions in Baki, her background and attitude would certainly be awesome.

Definitely, a must watch!



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