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Rewatching “Hitmans Bodyguard”

My Movie Consultant

Today I feel like casual conversation

The Hitman’s Bodyguard  (Action, Comedy, 2017)

w/ Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson

“Casual conversation as I am being chocked by a mercenary? Yes, Please!” Who knew being a respectable protection service required so much hard work… An entertaining movie with a lot of humorous scenes and sarcastic smiles. Just what I needed.


Passengers (Drama, 2016)

w/ Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Patt

Some movies make you happy. Some will even make you sad. Passengers will drive you into both states… ask yourself: “What if it happened to me?”


The Adjustment Bureau (Romance, Suspense, 2011)

w/ Matt DamonEmily Blunt

Original, intriguing and inspiring. Get ready for a refreshing story intertwining an ambitious politician, a secret society, and the love of his life. Movie of the week


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