Tyrion Lannister Speech at King’s Landing (Blackwater Bay)

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then, you probably remember Tyrion’s pivotal role in the defense of King’s Landing, against Stannis and his army.

During this epic fight, also referred to as the “Battle of Blackwater Bay”, it was up to the half man to grow a pair and lead the troops to victory. He also got a badass scar from it.

I want to share the speech he gave, right when all hope seemed lost!

The speech is very good… the performance flawless.

I’ve seen this clip several times and I still get goosebumps:


This scene occurs during season 2, episode 9.

This specific episode is my favorite from season 2 and one of the best of the whole Game of Thrones saga. It is currently rated as 9.7 according to IMDB.

What are your favorite scenes, moments or speeches from GoT?



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