Cobra Kai (2018)

TV Series

IMDB 9.3 /  Action, Comedy, Drama

One of my favorite scenes:

If you believed karate was dead… you were wrong!

Youtube Red came out with a fantastic new TV Show called “Cobra Kai” aimed at tapping into the millions of Karate (Kid) fans out there.


The story takes places 30 years after the all valley tournament final where Daniel LaRusso faced Johny Lawrence for the title. They are older, wiser, married and with born children. Time waits for no one, savvy?

Cobra Kai is an amazing series that sends a blatant message: life is a matter of perspective and sometimes what we take for a fact is just an assumption.

For all the cobra kai haters from the past, I guarantee your point of view will be permanentely changed after watching the whole 10 episodes from season 1.


Really enjoyed this title and I hope you enjoy it too.

Season 2 in 2019! Looking forward for this one. The hype is real!

Let me know your opinion in the comments.


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