Saint Seya: The Lost Canvas

IMDB 8.4

Saint Seya is back and this time the jig is up!

Athena, Hades, and Pegasus all get another shot at life, reincarnating for a brand new Saint Seya saga.

These three characters manage to feel familiar, nostalgic even, redirecting your mind to 15 years ago when you saw this title, Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, on TV.

saint seya kids

The new story, The Lost Canvas, is very cool!

Instead of the original “Athena has been kidnapped and Pegasus is off to the Rescue”, this time, “civil war” has broken loose and its good vs. evil.

Hades has reincarnated and the underworld launches vicious attacks against the Sanctuary and all of Athena’s knights. Retaliation is unavoidable and finally, both forces clash, one against another, in the efforts to permanently set this dispute. Sweet!

gif saint sya hades

As for the artwork, The Lost Canvas sticks to its origins but with a twist… a new shine and more modern looking armor, Fits nicely with the expectations, at least mine.

As for the plot, very interesting. The Sanctuary bore no introductions and none was given, as they focused most minutes introducing both worlds, new characters and “superpowers”. Many new gods, roles, and hierarchies easily capture the attention and it gets progressively better. The 2nd season was the best in my opinion. Intense and addictive. Both heroes and villains are able to leave a long lasting impression. Very well done.

saint seya golden knights

Lastly, the fights were somewhat strange at the start. First of all, they finish very quickly, usually, 3 combo exchanges (can I say this?) is enough to finish a fight. There is not a lot of build up during the fight, like in Naruto i.e. And finally, they always introduce themselves. At first, it felt kind of strange but a couple more episodes in and it becomes very useful and almost comic 🙂

But this is just a very picky opinion from someone who really enjoyed this sequel. Hope you enjoy it too.

saint seya cover

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