Erased (2016)

It’s been hard to find a decent new anime to watch these last few weeks. Fortunately, it only took me about three very bad choices to find “Erased”, or “Boku dake ga inai machi” according to the official IMDB page.

IMDB / Animation, Drama, Fantasy


From the first moment, this anime presents itself as something different, more chill, more psychological than most. Instead of rejoicing in the constant search for power and improvement like many other titles, Erased strives for suspense and build up.
It is a very mysterious, suspense-filled story, with impecable artwork as well (impecable but standard).

The plot is about a recently adult manga writer who has the unique ability to travel his “consciousness” back in time and relive events from his past. This ability is not dominated by the main character and only happens in moments of extreme stress, sadness, despair (…).

“Oh no… Another anime about time travel!?” – you think – fear not! Erased had the good sense of not centering the whole story about the main character ability. Instead, the focus is on his incumbent need to correct a terrible situation that happened in his hometown.

Erased hd

As with many anime, usually, 13 episodes do not cut it and I am quite sad there was no second season. With an impressive IMDB of 8.6 and a very mysterious plot, an encore would be justified. Very cool rivalry between the main character and his nemesis, all the time.

Still, one season was enough to enjoy the story as a whole and a pretty good ride.

There is also a movie (non anime) with the same title and I believe same story. I chose to prioritize the anime and haven’t seen the netlix movie yet.

Check the anime out for yourself. You’ll be surprised!

Not convinced yet? Here is the english trailer:


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