Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014)

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Junior

Clear your Schedule! This is as time-consuming as addictive.

Sons of Anarchy, SOA, brings us the story of the “Sons” a California motorcycle club.

The Sons are famous in their hometown for being a fierce crew. Brought together by a strong family and business bond the Sons follow their own agenda as major players in the gun trafficking sector.

SOA Crew

There are only 2 rules don’t betray the M.C and don’t harm Charming or its people. They take these rules seriously.
SOA features 7 seasons of about 13 episodes of 45 min each.

Remember those unfortunate days when you start loving a series just to find out you only have 8 episodes left? This will not be the case!

Jax After Brawl

Sons of Anarchy is a pretty lengthy series that will leave very few questions unanswered. Stuff you missed in the first season might actually come back to haunt you 2 season later so pay close attention.
The main idea being this theme has been widely tackled but with no tangible response. Where or how much should be the trade-off between family and business? If your family is your business which comes first?

Jax Smoking

Most series describe and show mainly the rise to power of certain individuals. Here, however, you will see as much of a rise to power as its posterior decline. And by decline, I don’t mean shit got complicated, that doesn’t even start to cover the reality of the situation, I am talking about a systematic attempt to return to the status quo and avoid the consequences of being on the top.
Besides a great plot, this series also packs a very charismatic and interesting cast that is sure to keep you well entertained. Enough said for now…
Welcome to the world of the Sons!

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