One Piece (1999)

If you already saw One piece, you will enjoy what comes next!

If you haven’t seen One piece, and you like anime for the great animations, creativity and hype moments you should probably put this one on top of your Need-to-watch list.

This is how it all started: a gold race… a new age… and a pirate revolution that changed the world!

I mean we are talking about a Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, (…) level anime.

And the remaining “(…)” isn’t very long nor filled with candidates. It’s reserved for the very best… the elite of Anime!

We are talking about inspirational, hardcore industry makers!

Top class characters (and there are many, many, many…). It’s anime paradise!

So I decided One Piece deserved a bit more than a review…. I mean Luffy is the most impulsive and careless pirate in the whole planet… it’s contagious!


How about a funny, sarcastic and deep moment from the series? The deep is kinda disguised aha.

No, it is not one the million memorable fights, neither one of the two million smiles, tears and chills you will experience (or have experienced) during your journey to the New World. You probably don’t even remember this scene, I didn’t…

I came across this video about an hour ago and spent the following 58 minutes viewing One Piece epic scenes, quotes, and speeches on YouTube.

Nostalgia kicked in…. Hard!

“How bad would it be if I rewatched the whole anime again?”

Rewatching anime, series, and movies are my devil’s fruit anyway 🙂

Hope this gets you into an awesome, 1h video gazing adventure too! Enjoy!

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