Sword of the Stranger (Anime, 2007)

I’ll be wrapping this Sunday with another review. And I was wondering:

Should I suggest a movie? Maybe an anime series?

Hard times…

But hey it’s Sunday and you should wrap it up in the best way possible, so… here is My Movie Consultant’s very own, first, anime movie review! Featuring an epic music from the soundtrack as well!


The movie in question is called “Sword of the Stranger” and it is my favorite anime movie. So far! (feel free to send me some anime movie suggestions btw).

It’s the greatest hype! And this one, in particular, has it all! I’m talking about samurais, mercenaries, secret Chinese organizations and ancient rituals, (…), you name it!

Or in other words: it portraits the voyage of Kotaro, a runaway child, and Nanashi, a nameless swordsman trying to forget his past. Oh and a dog sidekick as well!

It really is a great anime movie and, as usually happens, this means it also has a killer soundtrack (or at least a very remarkable and memorable music… you know the type I’m sure…).

In this case and in my opinion the song that stole the show was “Naoki Sato – Ihojin no Yaiba”:

Powerful stuff! Will get your heart pumping like a Ferrari 3 or 4 times, guaranteed.

The whole plot is beautifully crafted: an important mission, interesting and powerful rivals, ancient rituals and 3rd party interests. It doesn’t get more engaging than this! Highly recommend!



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