Two is a family (2016)

IMDB 7.4 / Comedy, Drama, Family

w/ Omar SyClémence PoésyAntoine Bertrand

A laidback gigolo (Omar Sy) is caught off guard when one of his one night stands shows up with a baby at his door step.. As any new male parent caught off guard, shock and panic were the initial response. Without any hesitation, the mother quickly escapes in a taxi and poor Omar is left with a newborn baby and no instructions.

He was unprepared and afraid so he did what any concerned father would do and got on a plane to London, following the runaway mother. (…)

Hilarious, heartbreaking and unpredictable. “Two is a family” is a wonderful surprise, that tackles the issue of single parenting with a smile, love and lots of laughs!

The general feel is: laidback, comic and entertaining. This movie has a different vibe from what I’ve been suggesting lately, quite an enjoyable change of paste. Refreshing actually. It is also in French. Enjoy!


(Couldn’t find a decent trailer with english subtitles. Sorry)

Highly Recommend!


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