Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016-2018)

IMDB 8.4 / Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Besides being the main character of this animated series, Jim Lake is a normal 16-year-old. He is dorky, wears skinny jeans and is bullied quite often. His best friend is a fat, brace wearing ginger head, and he also has a super secret crush on Claire, the lovable high school sweetheart. Everything about the first episode portraited a dire cliche picture but laziness got the best of me and I ended up devouring the whole series in less than 2 weeks. Why? Because of trolls!

Trolls have been a notorious race in fantasy movies but they never got the spotlight. My mental picture of them was: big, stupid, lazy and with a stick. Which is kinda depressing since there’s no adventure coming out from that combo. But, now I have a completely different opinion and recollection. I see them as rocky, strong, goofy and scared. And yet, capable of great bravery… And by the way, goblins are spider-cats!

Troll Hunters: Tales of Arcadia, gracefully introduced the notion of an organized troll society. Hidden from the human eye, this new world is located underground and has its own heroes and villains, The Troll Hunter is tasked to protect human and troll world from darkness and terror. From generation to generation, the duty has been given to the greatest Troll warriors. It’s of vital importance and this time… a Human was picked! Obviously, and fortunately, this resulted in chaos and mayhem!

But enough spoilers for now.

This series is actually a lot more complex than what I expected. Definitely more creative and interesting. The plot is well crafted and captivating. The characters are likable and ever learning. But, more importantly, the heroes and villains were extremely well picked, in my opinion. I mean, honestly, the whole background story and how it progresses is addictive. You end an episode in a pivotal moment and can’t wait to get to the next. Fortunately thanks to Netflix you don’t even have to lose time tracking the remote, the next episode will smoothly start is a couple of seconds!

It really is a greedy series. But I recommend it, so if you, by any chance, get hooked into it like I did let me know in the comments how much it took you to see from start to finish. I’m curious (3 seasons, 20+ episodes)!

Still not convinced? Watch the first 6 min of season one in super hd:


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