Black Lagoon (2002)

blacklagoon team

The Lagoon Company – Shipping and more…

For someone new to the gender this title might have evaded your radar. But fear not, it is here now and easy to find online 🙂 I first saw Black Lagoon several years ago and have reseen a couple of times since then. It one of my favorite anime and I highly recommend it!

This anime starts on a transatlantic business trip where Rock, a Japanese accountant, is kidnapped from the ship when it is robbed by a group of very eccentric bounty hunters – The Lagoon Company.

There is only one rule for them: they do what they want, serve the highest bidder and never fail a delivery. Such high goals and standards can only be achieved by a very professional, coordinated and reliable team!

Introducing the team:

Designation: Dutch a.k.a “The Boss”


Designation: Revy a.k.a “Two Guns”


Designation: just Benny…

Benny-0 black lagoon

Designation: Rokuro Okajima a.k.a Rock (the rookie)

Rokuro Okajima Rock black lagoon

Besides this awesome crew, Black Lagoon introduces us to the criminal paradise of Roanapur, a lawless town, home to the meanest, slickest and most organized criminals in the whole world! Everyone is a gangster, assassin or convict… Everyone has there own interests… and everyone tries to get ahead. Many get hurt!

Welcome to a suspense-filled, action-heavy animation. I usually recommend people watch anime in the original language but in this case, I saw it first in English and I highly recommend since the characters voices are on spot.

Black Lagoon Revi







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