Assassination Classroom (2014)


I never thought I would be fundamentally surprised with an anime series. Let’s face it anime supply has been pretty high (although it seems the huge uprise of the genre is re-happening right now) and they’ve shown us all… From joyful to bloody and simple to undescribable… But rest easy, this anime feels nothing like what I am about to describe 🙂 it´s so much more… it´s emotionally moving!

Assassination classroom brings us the story of a special teacher and his class, class 3-E of Kunugigaoka High School, where every morning the students are happy and enthusiastic to try to kill their teacher. Not original you might think… “wrongly” there is a cool twist… somewhat of a moral challenge: the teacher is a powerful creature who is threatening to destroy the whole planet in one year unless he is killed by the students, every army has sent their best killing squads and failed. The world’s fate lies in the hands of class 3-E but…!

Assassination attempts aside, this anime successfully portraits a teachers role in his student’s personality, goals, and motivation. “I know, I know” you are already pumped up to see what crazy tactics these kids can craft up for this murder, who cares about that trivial stuff? But rest assured, Assassination Classroom has a lot more to offer than simple violence. Who knows? It may change your perception of good and evil… Be prepared for a lot of moral punchlines, treacherous laughs, and meaningful life lessons.

Give this anime a try 🙂

You can find some cool quotes from Koro sensei bellow… (every experienced anime fan knows the meaning of sensei ahah)

Assassination Classroom

4 Koro sensei Quotes:

1- Pressure

“What does it feel like, having your own death right before your eyes? That grand kaleidoscope glimpsed in the moments before death… What could be flashing through that perfect mind of yours?”

2- Society

“As you go through life, the might current of society is bound to get in your way and there will certainly be times that things don’t go as you’d hoped. When this happens, don’t look to society for a cause. Do not renounce society. Frankly, you’d be wasting your time. Instead just say, “That’s life!” and muddle your way through with frustration. Once you’re past it, consider: If society’s swift current is tossing you around, how should you be swimming there in it’s midst. You should have learned how, here in the E class, in this assassination classroom. You don’t always have to stand and face it head-on. You can run and you can hide. If it’s not against the rules, you can try a sneak attack. You can use unconventional weapons. Stay determined – not impatient nor discouraged – and with repeated trial and error, you’re bound to reach a splendid outcome eventually.”

3- Identity

“Honestly, there isn’t much meaning to the splendid names given to you by your parents. What does have meaning, is what the person behind that name does during their actual lifetime. The name doesn’t make the person. The name simply remains gently within the footprint left on the path a person walks.”


4- Competition

“It’s dangerous for them to grow up without experiencing true competition. Because they’ll keep whining, even without taking the matter seriously. For those with a high level of aptitude… The sooner they know the frustration of defeat, the greater their growth will be.”



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