La Casa de Papel (2017)|Carbon Altered (2018)

La Casa de Papel (Action, Crime, Mystery, 2017)

La Casa de Papel Poster

If you have internet, and let´s face it… you do! Then you’ve probably heard of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). This series has been widely shared across all social media and even stole this carnival, with people, all over the world, dressing up as their new favorite gang! Truth be told, La Casa de Papel brings an ingenious heist, brilliantly crafted and executed with a plenty of astonishing twists. Why such a big hit you ask? Good question and the answer is very simple: anticipation and suspense! Heart palpitations, increased anxiety and a whole lot of “what the fucks await. What are you waiting for?
(There are only 13, one-hour episodes on Netflix so far but it is very easy to find the rest of the episodes available online. Most streaming websites actually compiled the rest of the series into two, three hour episodes)

Carbon Altered (Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, 2018)

Carbon Altered Poster

Usually when gazing upon a “futuristic title” my first thought is: “how did they manage to fk up the scenario this time?” to my great satisfaction they didnt!

Carbon altered brings us a somewhat refreshing story about a world where conscience can be materialized, transfered and stored. Still a series is only as good as its main character, and Joel Kinnaman (coronel Rick Flag in Suicide Squad) did not disappoint. A stone cold badass! But guess what? He has his reasons! Be sure to check out this Netflix original, it will be worth your time.




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