Can the Joker make Batman Laugh? (Batman: The Killing Joke)

all it takes is one bad day:

Of all the movies/comics/superheroes rivalries, the Batman vs Joker is my favorite!

I’ve recently finished watching the whole Batman Warner Bros animation movies and, as a really big fan of the Dark Night Knight trilogy as well, I enjoyed learning a lot more about the batman universe.

This movie reveals extensive information about the Joker and his madness as well!

For those who have never seen the Batman Warner Bros animations don’t start with this one. There are some characters from previous titles you will not completely understand. A list of these animations will soon be available here.

Lastly for those of you who don’t like animation movies, you can read this scene from the comics, the climax of the show:

joke time…

Lastly, if you don’t like reading, my secret weapon:



Site activity and 5 new suggestions (movies and anime)

Sorry for not posting but I have exams till January 25…!!

I recommend you give a look at the movies suggestions already available:

Lastly, I apologize for not posting but I am under a lot of pressure right now and haven’t had the time to pick up on the latest movies!

Since my last post I’ve seen these movies, series and anime:

– Vantage Point (movie)

– Hope Springs (movie)

– Dark Angel (series) (yes, the one with Jessica Alba and DiNozzo)

– Sword of the Stranger (Anime, Movie), Highly Recommend! My favorite!

– Samurai Champloo (Anime, Series), Highly Recommend

Again sorry for the lack of content. Posts will resume after January 25. I’ll try to post often!