Snap Movie Suggestion Nr. 20

Today I feel like a painting…

American Made (Action, Biography, Comedy, 2017)

w/ Tom CruiseDomhnall Gleeson

Funny and captivating! It’s amazing how far you can go with the right set of skills… A talented pilot finds himself dealing for the CIA, DEA and Pablo Escobar at the same time!

Curiosity: Tom Cruise did his own piloting scenes in this movie. Turns out he is a very good pilot!

Ghost in the Shell (Action, Crime, Drama, 2017)

 w/ Scarlett JohanssonPilou AsbækTakeshi Kitano

In a futuristic society, a female police cyborg must save an entire city from destruction! Perfect for anime fans who enjoy misterious plots and fast action scenes…

Crooked House (Crime, Drama, Mystery, 2017)

w/ Christina HendricksGillian AndersonGlenn Close

When watching an Agatha Christie murder story, two things are certain: you suspect everyone, and you still get it wrong… The “Crooked House” is no exception!

Curiosity: Agatha Christie is a f*cking genius! You can quote me on that 🙂

The Island (Action, Adventure, Romance, 2005)

 w/ Scarlett JohanssonEwan McGregorDjimon Hounsou

Action, adrenaline and a peculiar romance! Two clones fight to survive after escaping the institution that created them… An epic tale of bravery, companionship and fate!



Snap Movie Suggestions

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