Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 15

Today I feel like coffee…

The Best Offer (2013)

w/  Geoffrey RushSylvia Hoeks

A peculiar story wrapped in mystery and drama! Featuring a strange romance, intrigue, and heartbreak… The Best Offer is a brilliant surprise!!


Kong: Skull Island (2017)

w/ Tom HiddlestonSamuel L. JacksonBrie Larson 

Monsters are real and they don’t like humans! Loads of Action, Adventure and a giant kickass monkey fighting to protect his Home…


Confidence (2003)

w/ Edward BurnsDustin HoffmanRachel Weisz

“There it is again, that itch, there’s a guy in front of you with a smoking gun, another on the floor bleeding all over the place, and all you can do, is think about the money… You’re a sick twisted fuck! So we have to make sure we give you the blow off, we have to make sure you never come looking for us again…ever. So that’s why… we give you the fix.”


Snap Movie Suggestions

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