Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 13

Today I feel like french fries and ketchup

Gifted (Movie of the Week, 2017)

w/ Chris EvansMckenna Grace

Heartwarming, inspiring and… refreshing! This kid is awesome!Chris



2:22 (2017)

w/ Teresa PalmerMichiel HuismanSam Reid


High Crimes (2002)

w/ Jim CaviezelMorgan FreemanAshley Judd

A dark story accompanied with mystery and suspense. Want to know what happens when you search for secrets? Press play…

Green Street Hooligan (2005)

w/ Elijah WoodCharlie HunnamClaire Forlani

Interesting, intense and violent! Join West Ham United’s firm, the GSE, for a couple of football matches!

Green Street Hooligans – More about the GSE  (POST)

Elijah Wood Films 'Hooligans' in England

“Fortune’s always hiding,

I’ve looked everywhere,

I’m forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air”


Snap Movie Suggestions

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