Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 4

Today I feel like microwave popcorn and hot coffee…

The Intouchables (Classic Alert, 2011)

w/ François CluzetOmar SyAnne Le Ny

If you have never seen this movie, heed my words… Go home and watch it today. You will not be disappointed!


Once upon a time in Venice (Give it a try, 2017)

w/ Bruce WillisJohn GoodmanJason Momoa

A random story filled with funny moments. I like to call this type, a “hangover movie” because it is so easy to watch.

Attention: Will make you laugh!!



TV Show: 


w/ Rowan AtkinsonIan Puleston-DaviesDorottya Hais

Imagine Sherlock Holmes had a distant cousin named Jules Maigret. A stylish, brilliant and composed cousin…


(1.Maigret sets a trap, 2. Maigret’s dead men, 3. Maigret: Night at the crossroads)


Snap Movie Suggestions

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