Suggestion Nr. 2

Today I feel like a nice surprise…

The Show (Drama, 2017)

w/  Josh DuhamelGiancarlo EspositoFamke Janssen

Please do not blink at all during this movie. Although the name and cover of the movie may appear dull, rest assured, it is not. This drama filled title brings a controversial show that will shock and amaze, until the very end.

Challenge: Tell us how you felt at the end of the movie!


How to be a Latin Lover (Comedy, 2017)

w/  Eugenio DerbezSalma HayekRaphael Alejandro

Relax-Comedy or Remedy. Perfect to watch alone or with the family. Just press play and all your problems will be momentarily cured as you gaze upon the life of a degenerate gigolo. Prepare for a hilarious and heartwarming plot! (Maximo and Mínimo!!:))



Snap Movie Suggestions

The Show (2017) – A movie that makes you feel sad…


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