Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 11

Today I feel like crashing on the sofa…

Trash (Brazil, 2014)

w/ Rickson TevezGabriel WeinsteinMartin Sheen 

A dangerous adventure carried out by 3 unlikely heroes…

Beyond the lights (Give it a try, 2014)

w/ Gugu Mbatha-RawNate ParkerMinnie Driver

An original, modern and drama-filled romance between a police officer and a pop star.

REDRetired Extremely Dangerous (2010) 

w/ Bruce WillisHelen MirrenMorgan Freeman

A classic, action-packed comedy that never fails to entertain!



Snap Movie Suggestions

Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 10

Today I feel like pizza…

Atomic Blonde (Give it a try, 2017) (trailer of the week)

w/ Charlize TheronJames McAvoy

The Other Guys (2010)

w/ Will FerrellMark Wahlberg

Looking for a funny, action-packed kind of random, almost feels like a parody type of movie? This is it!

The Life of Pi (2012)

w/ Suraj SharmaIrrfan KhanAdil Hussain

An incredible, beautiful and inspiring journey, with a little touch of suspense and a tiger…

A perfect Sunday night movie!

TV Show:

Arrested Development (@netflix)

w/ Jason BatemanMichael CeraPortia de Rossi

Hilariously old school! This family has NOTHING under control!



Snap Movie Suggestions

Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 9

Today I feel like going to bed early…

This Means War (2012)

w/ Reese WitherspoonChris PineTom Hardy

What happens when two secret agents fall for the same girl? They compete and it’s awesome to watch!


Meet Joe Black (1998)

w/ Brad PittAnthony HopkinsClaire Forlani

An exquisite romance wrapped in a little mischief. This movie keeps you interested until the very end!

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

w/ Gerard ButlerJamie Foxx

Nerve wrecker Alert! Intense and shocking! 



Snap Movie Suggestions

Snap Movie Suggestion Nr. 8

Today I feel like “fuck google, ask me!”

Keeping up with the Joneses (2016)

w/ Zach GalifianakisIsla FisherJon Hamm

The laidback, action-comedy movie you have been waiting for!
Press play to chill…


Chappie (2015)

w/ Sharlto CopleyDev PatelHugh Jackman

This movie was a big surprise for me. Although on the outside he may appear like 50cent, inside lies one of the most likable, sweet and Human characters I have ever seen.


A Few Good Men (1992)

w/ Tom CruiseJack NicholsonDemi Moore

A case that should have never gone to trial, a brilliant young lawyer who likes to play softball and a military base that has its own rules. In the end, one thing is certain, you will thank me for this suggestion ;). Movie of the Week



Snap Movie Suggestions

Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 7

Today I feel like having a mint ice cream…

Two is a family (POPCORN ALERT, 2016)

w/ Omar SyClémence PoésyAntoine Bertrand

Hilarious, heartbreaking and unpredictable. This movie is a wonderful surprise!


The Equalizer (2014)

w/ Denzel WashingtonMarton CsokasChloë Grace Moretz

It is safe to say Denzel Washington just nailed this movie. Plenty of action, crime and suspense.


What women want (CLASSIC ALERT, 2000)

w/ Mel GibsonHelen HuntMarisa Tomei

A pleasant and well-thought comedy. Imagine if you could REALLY understand women… “What would you do?”.


Challenge: Post in the comments what you would do first, if given Nick’s ability!


Snap Movie Suggestions

Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 6

Today I feel an like an idea…

V for Vendetta (2005)

w/ Hugo WeavingNatalie PortmanRupert Graves

An original plot carried out by a curious main character, covered in mystery. Be ready for betrayal, deceit and many, MANY, hardcore quotes!


“Remember, remember the fifth of November of gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.”

Challenge: Post your favorite quote from the movie in the comments!

The Intern (2015)

w/ Robert De NiroAnne Hathaway

Funny, heartwarming and classy.


Knockaround Guys (2001)

w/ Jennifer BaxterDennis HopperVin Diesel

When all of Matty ‘s attempts at having a normal life fail, he turns to the only employer, he believes, will give him a chance.



Snap Movie Suggestions

V for Vendetta: Revolution TV speech + transcript (Spoiler)

Snap Movie Suggestions Nr. 5

Today I feel like:


Mortdecai (2015)

w/  Johnny DeppGwyneth PaltrowEwan McGregor

Finish the week with a laugh and join Mortdecai in a funny and deadly journey through the art underworld.



Who am I – No System is safe (German, 2014)

w/ Tom SchillingElyas M’BarekWotan Wilke Möhring

The dark web is a scary thing but it does come with a lot of opportunities. For this German teenager, an opportunity was all he needed.

Similar to Netflix’s “Hacker” but, in my opinion, more original and hardcore.



Training Day (2001)

w/ Denzel WashingtonEthan Hawke

We all know how hard the first day on a job can be. Still… some have it harder…


Challenge: Reminisce about the first day of your job!


Snap Movie Suggestions