Hero Mask (2018)

Anime has been booming this year and some have really caught my attention. Hero Mask is one of them. Available on Netflix, the first season of Hero Mask is very interesting to say the least. Characters have a solid background history which honestly is yet to be fully tapped and the options are endless. The... Continue Reading →

Suggestion Nr. 3

Rewatching “Hitmans Bodyguard”

My Movie Consultant

Today I feel like casual conversation

The Hitman’s Bodyguard  (Action, Comedy, 2017)

w/ Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson

“Casual conversation as I am being chocked by a mercenary? Yes, Please!” Who knew being a respectable protection service required so much hard work… An entertaining movie with a lot of humorous scenes and sarcastic smiles. Just what I needed.


Passengers (Drama, 2016)

w/ Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Patt

Some movies make you happy. Some will even make you sad. Passengers will drive you into both states… ask yourself: “What if it happened to me?”


The Adjustment Bureau (Romance, Suspense, 2011)

w/ Matt DamonEmily Blunt

Original, intriguing and inspiring. Get ready for a refreshing story intertwining an ambitious politician, a secret society, and the love of his life. Movie of the week


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Tag (2018, Comedy)

Tag is just a very fun, laid back and easy to watch movie. The cast is composed of seasoned and young minded characters that play a game of Tag every, single, year. Aside from this incredibly interesting fact, one the members has never been tagged. And there's a reason for it... he is super focused... Continue Reading →

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